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  • Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners-Hindi [MRP Rs.1499/-]
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery For Beginners-Hindi [MRP Rs.1499/-]
  • Sales Mastery For Beginners-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Facebook Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1499/-]
  • Facebook Mastery Advance-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • YouTube Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Quora Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Twitter Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • LinkedIn Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • YouTube Ads Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.2999/-]
  • Email Marketing Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.2999/-]
  • Instagram Marketing Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Google Ads Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.2999/-]
  • Facebook Ads Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.2999/-]
  • WordPress Website Development-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Copywriting Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Affiliate Marketing Success Strategy-Hindi [MRP Rs.9999/-]
  • Content Marketing Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Video Marketing Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Public Speaking/ Communication Mastery-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Time Management Mastery-Hindi[MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • English Speaking Masterclass-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Money Management Masterclass-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Personality Development Masterclass-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Entrepreneurship & Startup Masterclass for Beginners-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • How to stay motivated with your goals-Hindi [MRP Rs.3999/-]
  • Transforming Weaknesses into Strengths-Hindi [MRP Rs.1999/-]
  • Leadership Skills Masterclass-Hindi [MRP Rs.3999/-]
  • Addition Of New Courses In Future [Free Of Cost]
  • Lifetime Access To Courses
  • Priority Support
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