Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are these Training Packages beneficial for?

Ans: Our Training Packages are beneficial for everyone who wants to earn money online from home using their mobile or computer.

Q: I am a complete beginner. Can this training help me earn money online?

Ans: Yes, The training content is explained step-by-step in very simple language so you can start earning money online simply by following our training videos.

Q: I don't have any friends on social media so how can I refer someone?

Ans: You don't need to refer this system or any other product to your own contacts/ friends/ family if you don't want to. There are Millions of people on social media and In our training, you will learn how to work in the open market/ social media, and using this training you can promote/sell/refer this system or any other product to those people easily.

Q: Will I have to attend any online classes for this training?

Ans: No, the training is already available in the members' area in the form of videos which you can access anytime after purchasing the package.

Q: When does the commission payout get generated for the affiliates?

Ans: The commission payout for the affiliates gets generated daily.

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